What a Great Day

July 25, 2006

A Great Day

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Great Hour, Minute and Second.
Happiness is a state of the mind, it looks unreachable, but that depends mostly on your expectations of happiness.

if you think happiness is wealth, health, and love, all at the same time, in an utopic world, the you are screwed, and you’ll never find happiness.

you must seek happiness in the litle things, like a sunny day, or a soft rain.
if you are happy “just” because it’s a sunny day, you’ll have a lot of happy days.


July 19, 2006

Life is (a litle too) Short.

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Today was good because:

I can see.
and that alone makes for enough of a reason for me to declare this day officially a Great Day.

Make the most out of it!
The message is so simple, any drunk monkey will inmediately get it:

Be Happy.

Don’t let minor problems get to you*, don’t let them affect your mood (much).
I’m not saying that you should keep a smile on your face *all the time* (That’s kinda hard), there are going to be moments, where you’ll be sad (and you’ll probably have good reasons for that), but if you focus only on those moments, of sadness, and lack of joy, that will eventually lead to a very un-happy existance, (and we don’t want that, do we?), you must try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and not the darkness arround it (I’m not saying that you should ignore the darkness, nor act without considering it, but instead, *not* focusing on the bad things, just for a change).

Today, even in the most hungry, damaged, insulted, poor and opressed countries of this planet, was a good day.
It was a good day in the trash cans where people live, and in the sewers, It was a good day in the Getthos, and the Slums, It was a good day here, and there, wherever you come from, It was good.
To this apparently senseless rethoric, you might answer:

How can You say that?, are You nust?, retarded perhaps?, or just blind?

But the blindness is everywhere, not just in my eyes, but in yours as well.
you choose not to see the good and beauty and glory of this world, and that makes you (partially ) blind.
I try to focus on the Good Things that happen, which makes me (Intentionally) blind.
Blind to the horrors of War, that occur as we speak, in many places.
Blind to the vanity, shallowness, and unjustified pride that some carry like a flag.
Blind to Injustice, hunger and Pest.

however, being blind by choice, is better than blind because of the media, or perhaps blind because of the place I live in, and the friends that I have.

Blindness, is a bliss.

* Don’t let the big ones either.

July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: unbelievable greatness.

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Today is a great day for the following reasons (among others):

I’m Alive
some people wish they were dead, some others wish they were never born, some even wish that everyone died, or that everyone from this, or that country were dead, and they probably have very sold reasons to think that way, however, against all the odds, I’m Alive.

Not being hit by a Bus today, and being crippled into depression, and suicide is a good enough reason to declare this day a Great Day(R).

we take a lot of things for grantes, like for instace, the fact that (most) of us aren’t crippled, and have (healthy) leags and arms, is something that we take for granted.
Our Health in general, s something that most of us barely care about, untill something bad happens.
most of the time we don’t even think about it.
please, think about it.
how do you think your life would be, if you nad, for instace, no arms to speak of?
perhaps no legs?
no brain?

there are many levels of “crippled”, while the phisical ones might seem like thepworst of them all, those that affect the mind, are probably much worse, I’m not talking about it on a “retard” sense, I’m not talking about the Down Syndrome either, but the “lack of a mind” crippled.

I was watching TV lately, and happen to come across a TV show that portrayed people in their natural enviroment (as it were), a “reality show”.

NEVER, not Once in my LIFE, have I been in a position, where I have to do ANY of the stuff these people are forced to, to “stay”, and not being “eliminated”.
Some of the people that watch these shows are absolutely absorbed by their stories, and completely brain-numb.
Their most important muscle, is, for a coouple hours a day, asleep.
One of my Uncles used to call TV the “Dumb Box”.
no after years and years of Dumb shows, apparently designed, tailored and created specifically for very, very Dumb people, I can only come to the obvious conclussion that my uncle was right.

Of course, not all TV is BAD, there are some, (albeit rare) TV shows that enlighten lightly on certain topics, but most of it is just crap (not that the internet is any better).

The point is simple, TV sucks the life out of people, whose brains fall sleep, the very moment they hit the “ON” button.

And I for one, like to think my self, as not one of them.

for that I’m thankfull.

Somewhere on the net says that “if you wouldn’t have whatched all that TV, by now you would have written a Book!”, I’m not that certain about that statement, but the fact that gigant amounts of time are utterly wated in front of the TV sets every day by Bilions of people, is abundantly clear.

Am I wrong to whish that it wasn’t so?
Should I be Watching TV right now?

July 13, 2006

What a Great Day › Create New Post — WordPress

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got doxygen working
added dot graphs support

kepping this up, might be hard, since not every day, is a great day, for some people, perception, is the key, since we often focus on the bad and never on the good stuff on life, for instance, what do you see here:


n_aked women?

it’s about the good stuff.
that’s what I’m talking about.

noone i know died.

July 12, 2006

Yesterday was, a great day indeed.

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i hope you can read spanish…

Hoy es un dia genial.


Hay que ser agradecido, por stas cosas, ya que no todos pueden darse el lujo de comer (algo rico), dormir (bien), o (poder) leer.

El sol pica, de manera impune, como no lo había hecho en mucho tiempo, en la ciudad de bogotá, el verano se hace sentir, como un actor más en el teatro de la vida el clima incontrolable cambia nuestra percepción de nosotros mismo, y lo que nos rodea, la temperatura del cuarto es la batuta de nuestros pensamientos.

buscando en Google “hoy es un dia genial” y “today is a great day” me deja muy decepcionado, uno pensaría que más personas están hablando al respecto…



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