What a Great Day

July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006: unbelievable greatness.

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Today is a great day for the following reasons (among others):

I’m Alive
some people wish they were dead, some others wish they were never born, some even wish that everyone died, or that everyone from this, or that country were dead, and they probably have very sold reasons to think that way, however, against all the odds, I’m Alive.

Not being hit by a Bus today, and being crippled into depression, and suicide is a good enough reason to declare this day a Great Day(R).

we take a lot of things for grantes, like for instace, the fact that (most) of us aren’t crippled, and have (healthy) leags and arms, is something that we take for granted.
Our Health in general, s something that most of us barely care about, untill something bad happens.
most of the time we don’t even think about it.
please, think about it.
how do you think your life would be, if you nad, for instace, no arms to speak of?
perhaps no legs?
no brain?

there are many levels of “crippled”, while the phisical ones might seem like thepworst of them all, those that affect the mind, are probably much worse, I’m not talking about it on a “retard” sense, I’m not talking about the Down Syndrome either, but the “lack of a mind” crippled.

I was watching TV lately, and happen to come across a TV show that portrayed people in their natural enviroment (as it were), a “reality show”.

NEVER, not Once in my LIFE, have I been in a position, where I have to do ANY of the stuff these people are forced to, to “stay”, and not being “eliminated”.
Some of the people that watch these shows are absolutely absorbed by their stories, and completely brain-numb.
Their most important muscle, is, for a coouple hours a day, asleep.
One of my Uncles used to call TV the “Dumb Box”.
no after years and years of Dumb shows, apparently designed, tailored and created specifically for very, very Dumb people, I can only come to the obvious conclussion that my uncle was right.

Of course, not all TV is BAD, there are some, (albeit rare) TV shows that enlighten lightly on certain topics, but most of it is just crap (not that the internet is any better).

The point is simple, TV sucks the life out of people, whose brains fall sleep, the very moment they hit the “ON” button.

And I for one, like to think my self, as not one of them.

for that I’m thankfull.

Somewhere on the net says that “if you wouldn’t have whatched all that TV, by now you would have written a Book!”, I’m not that certain about that statement, but the fact that gigant amounts of time are utterly wated in front of the TV sets every day by Bilions of people, is abundantly clear.

Am I wrong to whish that it wasn’t so?
Should I be Watching TV right now?


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  1. no tv for me, for this week

    I feel great.

    Comment by f3lheadhunter — December 6, 2006 @ 6:22 pm | Reply

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