What a Great Day

August 31, 2006

What a great day

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Today, it’s a great day

I got up to speed on the GRID for my View Editor (more on that later),
I helped some dude at the bus stop (wouldn’t know which one to take, system is mildly complex),
I ate,
I slept,
I got a new place to blog at (wordpress)
I found that GoldenEye cheats that I was looking for!

to you, this may make no sense at all, however, the point I’m Trying to make is simple: today it’s a great day, no matter how much it may look like it sucks (it doesn’t).

Today it’s great mainly because of 2 reasons:
1. you are alive*
2. so do I
And to me, that’s enough to make it a great day
there is of course the added bonus: your city has not been hit by the H-bomb yet…..

Now isn’t that just great about today?
BTW, the View Editor, will solve many tecnical problems, that I won’t dwell withing the confines of this blog (I swore to myself I would keep this as non-technical as possible, that means very litle mentions of my $work, or current proyects, also no strange and hard to pronounce words, (or abbreviations), that are all over the place in other (perhaps somewhat more interesting, tecnical) Web Logs).

Yesterday, I learnt (partially) how to use Ctags and Vim, if you have the time, I recommend you to research a litle bit on the subject, remember, google is your friend.

* in case you are the exception, and not the rule, and you actually think that being alive is a bad thing, then, well, you now what to do.


August 29, 2006

What a Glorious Day

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Birds singin’ and the metallic music pumping it’s notes trough my head (more like drilling),
god I hate that music, an I’m forced to listen to it almost every weekday, nevertheless i’s a great day.

The question is tno wether today I’s a good day or not, we all know the anser to that, the question is simple, the question is:


Why is today a good day?

Is it a good day because I feel good?,


I don’t feel particulary good today.

Is it a good day because people (kids mostly) are diying (out of curable stuff) in Africa?
btw how are You helping the children in Africa? [take action].


It’s a great day, because despite all the hurdles, we continue to move on (as they do, in Africa).

It’s a great day because despite all the evil, and theproblems that we have within ourselves, we fight back.

It’s a good day because some of us care enough to actually do something about these things, and not let the time pass by without doing anything.

“The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.”

August 28, 2006

Great Day(R)

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Our leaders did NOT declare today, WWIII.
some of you might think that the dangers of total anihhilations are over since the end of the Cold War, however, this is a mith.
the facts are, that all over the world, more and more people are eagger to start yet another Holocaust. that normally wouldn’t be a problem, but since some of these people actually *have* the hability to start such thing, I worry.

It could look like I worry too litle, but actually it’s the other way arround.
I worry too much.
I worry about my family, my friends, my country, and above all, myself.

Today I finally managed to finish that task, that I had postponed for so long, which is, fixing a litle layout bug on my new software, however, that litle thing amounts to too litle of the reasons of why today was (and still is) a Great Day (R).

For instance, I was one of the few lucky ones that actually got to *sit* on the bus [1].
I was also one of the few, that had a internet connection, and managed my way trough my inbox, webpage, etc, without that many dissapointments.

For most computer users, using the machine can be often a very dissapointing experience, since the lack of knowledge on certain bugs/glitches/features makes most users make “mistakes” (programmer could’nt think of a possibility, when user clicks on a,b,c on that particluar order, therefore, software writen by programmer breaks, therefore user gets mad (and rightfully so)).
luckyly, such episodes today were minimal and discardable, from my limited memory.

People often look only the bad side of things….

for instance, whe you look for:

my job sucks

on google, the following appears:
28+ million results.


my life sucks
38+ million

(I could go on and on, posibilities are endless)

that’s a LOT!
and most fo these people *HAVE* (among other stuff):

– access to the internet
– knowledge to make web pages /blog coments, forum comments/etc
– a computer, or access to one

Now imagine for a moment we did a poll askingb the people that *DON’T* have any of these…
I think that the average answer would be something like “Yes, It SUCKS.”.
and quite honestly, most lifes suck, given the (capitalist) system most of us live in,
however, comunisms, socialism, etc, aren’t that mus of a paradise either, all societies have their problems, that often lead to many (most) people having to live lifes that suck.

so, since the “my life sucks” topic is already being talked about, in other blogs, i’ll try to steer away from it here.

my point is very simple.
noone thinks that this is a good day.
and thats what I’m trying to change!
do a litle excercise:
ask a family menber, of a frend “what did you do today”, they’ll probably talk about the unusuall stuff, that they did today, or their remarkable achievments, leaving out the “regular” items, like “eating, sleeping, breathing normally, and without the need of a machine to do so, etc.
but after some time, they’ll start complaining about how much they suffer, and how badly they need a new IPod, or Xbox360, or a new Car, or whatever they seek, this week….

comments like “today was great because i managed to do A, B and C ” will be rare, or noon-existant.

the lack of thankfullness, is almost criminal, and should be stoped.

[1] almost *Never* happens, maybe once a month, *maybe*.

August 25, 2006

I got robbed

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however, It’s a good day.
yesterday, some fuc.k entered my house and stole about 10 bucks.
I’ts not much, but here in Colombia, 10 bucks can buy you a lot, which means you have t bust your ass to get them.

I see this as a chance for learning, and knowing more, about thjose arround me.
I must supress any feelings of hatred, and desires of revenge.
I must forgive this ass.hole.

Why is it a Good Day?
because it was 10 bucks, and not 100 bucks (that would had hurt, however, it would still be a good day, because it would be just 100, and not 1000, and even that would still be a good day, because it would be 1000 and not 10000, etc [recurse at wish]).

A while ago, my bike got stolen, and then I said something along the lines of “i’ll forgive him,
not because I want to, but because I have no other option”.

I guess now I’ts the time of saying something alike.
Again, the recent loss makes it harder to appreciate the greatness of today, which means I have to Fight, for a better view, and not just sit back and hope it will fall from the Sky.

You have to effort, to appreciate, the greatness of this day, just like I do.
nothing valuable comes without effort.

August 24, 2006

Bluefish won’t install

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Since I need libgtk2, however it’s a good day.
focusing on obstacles, is only a good thing if you think on how to overcome them, rather that “boy, this is hard!”.

Life is hard(R).

That means Everyone’s life is hard, not just yours.
Get over it.
and GO!

August 18, 2006

A whole bunch of useless crap

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Was written today, by many (me included), however, it’s a good day.

A whole bunch of people died today.

however it’s a good day.*

A whole bunch of people are starving today. (and will continue to starve, even tough you eat delicious meals day in and day out)

However it’s a good day.*

It’s time to share.

share your glory, your bread, and your hope, with others.
with hope, the odds seem with us.
without it, the odds will seem against us.
It’s a matter of points of views, how you view the world, and the people arround you, defines how you live.

If you think that every man is a rapist, a thief, and an asshole, and every woman is a whore, a bitch, and a pain in the ass, you are, as of now, in hell.

Hell is (really) knowing what’s arround you.
Heaven, is the complete ignorance, of all that could hurt you.

I choose ignorance, and closing my eyes to injustice and hellish toughts, for that injustice has given me, as for now, a “good” life.

However, other people, that live a harh life, that live on the streets, people that fight every day for their meals (those that don’t just sit arround), might have a different view of today.
for some of those people, today is *not* a great day, in fact, It’s not even a good day.

Today Sucked!
And tomorrow will suck even more!

For a very long time, I had that view on the world, and on my ilfe, altough it was a nice and warm place to be, my life seemed to me like the ultimate hell.

It’s all about perspective.

I urge you to change your perspective, with a simple yet effective argument: It could be (much) worse.

Which reminds me of that Spielberg movie: “The Schindler List”, where at some point, some one says “it could be worse”, and is answered by her furious wife “how could it possibly be worse?”.
at that point, make no mistakle about it, things get worse.
and worse
and worse
untill everyone is dead (or starving).

Death will follow every life, and even tough we are very aware of that fact, we don’t seem to understand “why” people die, so we ask “why, lord!, why” “why me!, why now!”, useless screaming into the sky.

Again, Its all about perspective.

my life sucks, and yours sucks as well, BUT perhaps with a different perspective, our lifes will be at least bearable.

There is nothing to loose (ok, maybe you’ll complaint a litle less, but if you see that as a loss, you are in trouble…)

It could be seen as pretentious for me to state, that everyone had a good day.
not everyone had a good day, that’s impossible, for some people’s good day, depends on oter people having a bad time.

but at least some people are right now saying that “today sucked”, when it actually was good (for them).
so these ungratefull [Insert Insult] think tehy suffer, when in reality, they don’t know suffering.

Those are the ones I would like to address.

* not just for me, but for everyone, Its a /s/good/Great/ Day, as long as you think see it that way.


August 16, 2006

The Greatness of this day, cannot be expressed with words

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however, it can be expressed in other ways.
cunning,clever ,and funny ways.

I just wish I knew them….
reduced to my limited medium of expression, only a pale relfection of the greatness can be captured, and “forwarded” to others.

I had lunch.

August 15, 2006

Awsome day

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I finally got the USB to work (not that it was broken, or anything, i just didn’t knew how to do it) on my PC (FC2).
I also installed some various programs (I’m as happy as they come, with this “make && make install” stuff).
I’m finishing a book from hesse…


I’ts a good day.
keep that in your toughts.

August 8, 2006

Great Day

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Sunny and rainy.
The sun gives us light.
and for that I am grateful.

My connection is down, so the posnt will be more separate from each other.

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