What a Great Day

August 18, 2006

A whole bunch of useless crap

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Was written today, by many (me included), however, it’s a good day.

A whole bunch of people died today.

however it’s a good day.*

A whole bunch of people are starving today. (and will continue to starve, even tough you eat delicious meals day in and day out)

However it’s a good day.*

It’s time to share.

share your glory, your bread, and your hope, with others.
with hope, the odds seem with us.
without it, the odds will seem against us.
It’s a matter of points of views, how you view the world, and the people arround you, defines how you live.

If you think that every man is a rapist, a thief, and an asshole, and every woman is a whore, a bitch, and a pain in the ass, you are, as of now, in hell.

Hell is (really) knowing what’s arround you.
Heaven, is the complete ignorance, of all that could hurt you.

I choose ignorance, and closing my eyes to injustice and hellish toughts, for that injustice has given me, as for now, a “good” life.

However, other people, that live a harh life, that live on the streets, people that fight every day for their meals (those that don’t just sit arround), might have a different view of today.
for some of those people, today is *not* a great day, in fact, It’s not even a good day.

Today Sucked!
And tomorrow will suck even more!

For a very long time, I had that view on the world, and on my ilfe, altough it was a nice and warm place to be, my life seemed to me like the ultimate hell.

It’s all about perspective.

I urge you to change your perspective, with a simple yet effective argument: It could be (much) worse.

Which reminds me of that Spielberg movie: “The Schindler List”, where at some point, some one says “it could be worse”, and is answered by her furious wife “how could it possibly be worse?”.
at that point, make no mistakle about it, things get worse.
and worse
and worse
untill everyone is dead (or starving).

Death will follow every life, and even tough we are very aware of that fact, we don’t seem to understand “why” people die, so we ask “why, lord!, why” “why me!, why now!”, useless screaming into the sky.

Again, Its all about perspective.

my life sucks, and yours sucks as well, BUT perhaps with a different perspective, our lifes will be at least bearable.

There is nothing to loose (ok, maybe you’ll complaint a litle less, but if you see that as a loss, you are in trouble…)

It could be seen as pretentious for me to state, that everyone had a good day.
not everyone had a good day, that’s impossible, for some people’s good day, depends on oter people having a bad time.

but at least some people are right now saying that “today sucked”, when it actually was good (for them).
so these ungratefull [Insert Insult] think tehy suffer, when in reality, they don’t know suffering.

Those are the ones I would like to address.

* not just for me, but for everyone, Its a /s/good/Great/ Day, as long as you think see it that way.



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