What a Great Day

August 25, 2006

I got robbed

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however, It’s a good day.
yesterday, some fuc.k entered my house and stole about 10 bucks.
I’ts not much, but here in Colombia, 10 bucks can buy you a lot, which means you have t bust your ass to get them.

I see this as a chance for learning, and knowing more, about thjose arround me.
I must supress any feelings of hatred, and desires of revenge.
I must forgive this ass.hole.

Why is it a Good Day?
because it was 10 bucks, and not 100 bucks (that would had hurt, however, it would still be a good day, because it would be just 100, and not 1000, and even that would still be a good day, because it would be 1000 and not 10000, etc [recurse at wish]).

A while ago, my bike got stolen, and then I said something along the lines of “i’ll forgive him,
not because I want to, but because I have no other option”.

I guess now I’ts the time of saying something alike.
Again, the recent loss makes it harder to appreciate the greatness of today, which means I have to Fight, for a better view, and not just sit back and hope it will fall from the Sky.

You have to effort, to appreciate, the greatness of this day, just like I do.
nothing valuable comes without effort.


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