What a Great Day

August 28, 2006

Great Day(R)

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Our leaders did NOT declare today, WWIII.
some of you might think that the dangers of total anihhilations are over since the end of the Cold War, however, this is a mith.
the facts are, that all over the world, more and more people are eagger to start yet another Holocaust. that normally wouldn’t be a problem, but since some of these people actually *have* the hability to start such thing, I worry.

It could look like I worry too litle, but actually it’s the other way arround.
I worry too much.
I worry about my family, my friends, my country, and above all, myself.

Today I finally managed to finish that task, that I had postponed for so long, which is, fixing a litle layout bug on my new software, however, that litle thing amounts to too litle of the reasons of why today was (and still is) a Great Day (R).

For instance, I was one of the few lucky ones that actually got to *sit* on the bus [1].
I was also one of the few, that had a internet connection, and managed my way trough my inbox, webpage, etc, without that many dissapointments.

For most computer users, using the machine can be often a very dissapointing experience, since the lack of knowledge on certain bugs/glitches/features makes most users make “mistakes” (programmer could’nt think of a possibility, when user clicks on a,b,c on that particluar order, therefore, software writen by programmer breaks, therefore user gets mad (and rightfully so)).
luckyly, such episodes today were minimal and discardable, from my limited memory.

People often look only the bad side of things….

for instance, whe you look for:

my job sucks

on google, the following appears:
28+ million results.


my life sucks
38+ million

(I could go on and on, posibilities are endless)

that’s a LOT!
and most fo these people *HAVE* (among other stuff):

– access to the internet
– knowledge to make web pages /blog coments, forum comments/etc
– a computer, or access to one

Now imagine for a moment we did a poll askingb the people that *DON’T* have any of these…
I think that the average answer would be something like “Yes, It SUCKS.”.
and quite honestly, most lifes suck, given the (capitalist) system most of us live in,
however, comunisms, socialism, etc, aren’t that mus of a paradise either, all societies have their problems, that often lead to many (most) people having to live lifes that suck.

so, since the “my life sucks” topic is already being talked about, in other blogs, i’ll try to steer away from it here.

my point is very simple.
noone thinks that this is a good day.
and thats what I’m trying to change!
do a litle excercise:
ask a family menber, of a frend “what did you do today”, they’ll probably talk about the unusuall stuff, that they did today, or their remarkable achievments, leaving out the “regular” items, like “eating, sleeping, breathing normally, and without the need of a machine to do so, etc.
but after some time, they’ll start complaining about how much they suffer, and how badly they need a new IPod, or Xbox360, or a new Car, or whatever they seek, this week….

comments like “today was great because i managed to do A, B and C ” will be rare, or noon-existant.

the lack of thankfullness, is almost criminal, and should be stoped.

[1] almost *Never* happens, maybe once a month, *maybe*.


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