What a Great Day

August 31, 2006

What a great day

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Today, it’s a great day

I got up to speed on the GRID for my View Editor (more on that later),
I helped some dude at the bus stop (wouldn’t know which one to take, system is mildly complex),
I ate,
I slept,
I got a new place to blog at (wordpress)
I found that GoldenEye cheats that I was looking for!

to you, this may make no sense at all, however, the point I’m Trying to make is simple: today it’s a great day, no matter how much it may look like it sucks (it doesn’t).

Today it’s great mainly because of 2 reasons:
1. you are alive*
2. so do I
And to me, that’s enough to make it a great day
there is of course the added bonus: your city has not been hit by the H-bomb yet…..

Now isn’t that just great about today?
BTW, the View Editor, will solve many tecnical problems, that I won’t dwell withing the confines of this blog (I swore to myself I would keep this as non-technical as possible, that means very litle mentions of my $work, or current proyects, also no strange and hard to pronounce words, (or abbreviations), that are all over the place in other (perhaps somewhat more interesting, tecnical) Web Logs).

Yesterday, I learnt (partially) how to use Ctags and Vim, if you have the time, I recommend you to research a litle bit on the subject, remember, google is your friend.

* in case you are the exception, and not the rule, and you actually think that being alive is a bad thing, then, well, you now what to do.


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