What a Great Day

September 7, 2006

The Fantastic Day of the Spotless Week

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Waking up early, Is a great thing, and should be mandatory.
that would make it …
well… not great!
Except, Its is great.
We hate it when people force things upon us, even when those things are good for us.

So we hate school, college, work, traffic laws, the law in general , etc, which leads us to hate those that are “forced”/assigned to enforce those rules/institutions on us. so we hate cops, teachers, bosses, and traffic policemen.

However, I don’t think that we should. (no matter how badly our wallets are hit by those “stupid” parking tickets)

Teaching is one of the hardest proffessions, of the worst paid ones, and one of the most demanding, which makes many teachers sick (mentally ill), just try to teach math to a monkey that jumps from tree to tree to see what I mean (and then try 40 monkeys).
Snd yet, we spit on teachers’s faces and cry about how much they “hate us”.
I must have heard that way too many times, “the teacher hates me”, HUMBUG*!

It is US, and not them , that should try harder, to learn, do our jobs and follow the law.
but what about an unfair law?, like the law that says that you can’t sell stuff on the street, without a place, in the midle of the sidewalk (that affects badly so many in my country and is really just making people hate the goverment, that won’t let them just work), what about that?

Think for a moment…
what if there was no law?
what if there were no teachers?
what if they were no bosses?
haw about no policemen?
do you think that knowledge would pass on from generation to generation?
do you think you would be safe?
do you think that the sidewalks would not be handled by a few, forming a small feud, where you have to pay to pass trough? (or sidewalks at all?)
do you think that there would be a sense of right and wrong?

I don’t.

Which makes me thankful about having these people arround.
Same could be said about (most) public servants (let’s include firemen, and remove the corrupt ones just for the sake of it).

Today, some people went to work, to teach, arrest, put out fires, write laws, and boss arround.
which for me is enough to call it a Great Day.

* that means crap


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