What a Great Day

September 18, 2006

Weekend + WinJoke32

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I usually work on saturdays, but this Weekend, I took my time to read the newspaper, and lurk arround my neigbourhood.
Lurking arround, I realized how lonely and friendless I am, I kept thinking to myself, stuff like “boy I’m lonely!”, or “nobody gives a rat’s ass about me”, and I’m probably right.
nevertheless, it was a good day.


Why would I say, that hanging arround lonely and friendless, thinking to myself all kinds of depressing stuff, qualifies for a good day?.

well, It wasn’t.

It was a GREAT day.
having legs, and the hability to lurk arround, is enough reason for me to qualify saturday (and every other day, for that matter), as a GREAT day.

“… untill I saw a footless man”.

I saw an old lady in a wheelchair, which reminded me of how great is to have 2 working legs to lurk arround with.

Listening to my hearth beating, as I slowly fall sleep, remimds me hat I’m still alive.

does your hearth beat?

are you alive?

It sounds like a ridiculous question, tough. of course the reader is alive, other wise how in the hell could he/she read this?, but it has a different meaning, from the ovbious. the question is, are you alive?, do you feel alive?, do you feel that you are living?, or are just lurking arround,. looking for self-*satisfactino, with no other purpose in life than just eating abd breathing?, often, my friend would answer something like “eat and sleep”, when asked “what do you do”.
even tough that is suposed to be a funny answer, many people arround are just “eating and sleeping”, that is, not a lot of interesting, or intelectual interaction with others of any kind, except, perhaps wahtcing the TV, but I wouldn’t consider whatciong TV an intelecual exchange, given the state of the TV as of now (late 2006), but more of a comercial conversatino, between thousands of advertisers, and a single, yet captive audience, that is readying their credit cards to buy all the useless, stupid, and crappy stuff they sell every day, from fat reduction placebos, to cranky pieces of metal (that are suposed to replace the willpower, discipline and determination gained by a good old-fashioned work-out session, but fail miserably) “twice as fast as ordinary methods”.

that’s sad.

so here’s a joke to cheer you up
(C programming skills are recomended, tough not required)
(spanish is required)

#include “Win30.h”
#include “Win31.h”
#include “Win95.h”
#include “Win98.h”
#include “Win2000.h”
#include “AlgoMas.h”
#include “CodigoAntiguo.h”
#include “NormasDeBillGates.h”
#include “CosasDeRelleno.h”
#include “Monopoly.h”

#define CASCAR -5483021548692487811456214478251

static char Escritorio[16000000]; /* 16 Mb */
static char Accesorios[8000000]; /* 8 Mb */
static char Explorer4[4000000]; /* 4 Mb */
static char ProgramasDeUsuario[2000000]; /* 2 Mb */
static char MemoriaLibre[2000000]; /* 2 Mb */

int main() {
while (NoCasque()) {

while (TamanyoDiscoSwap()


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