What a Great Day

October 4, 2006

Can you do better?

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When faced with the choice, of multiple Linux distributions, one wonders, why some many sprung to existence.
It seems like everyone that knew C at some point said something like “I can do better than that!”, and rolled his own modified version of the distribution X*, which was followed by some initial enthusiasm, which led to someone else saying along the lines of “this [packaging system|execution model|anything, take your pick] is crap, I’ll write my own!”,
which led to ….

The point is not that everyone think that their skills are above the rest, but that in the linux community, and OSS in general, when someone does something, its always possible that it is replaced by something much better (or, simply different), and people compete, on which library is better, or which window toolkit, or which language, etc.

This leads to many places:

– the wheel gets to be re-invented in different ways, tough not that different from each other, differences could be said to be subtle in many cases

– competition, which makes a given feature that’s initially supported only by one group,
to be eventually supported by everyone in the competition (also often with minor differences between each implementation),
(think of SVG support by major browsers these days)

– improvement, development, progress, whatever you want to call it, it leads to great stuff.

Which makes me feel great about Linux’s existence, which is enough for me to call it a *Great Day*

* by X I mean any, not the X window system, or anything alike


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