What a Great Day

October 13, 2006

perceived problems vs real problems

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The problems that you face and fight against everyday, and how you percieve them, is affected by how many people you (tell about them/talk about them with).

Many people consider talking about our problems a bad thing, and get bored (to say the least) when we talk about our problems (on the other hand, you should try talking about how good your life is to see how badly they will react they’ll say to *you* “great”, but say to *themselves* “quit rubbing it in my face, dude!”), but it is a stress releasing experience, to tell your problems to someone else, in japan, there is sone dude that stands in the subway station (all?) day has a sign that says “I listen”, he listens everyday to everyone elses problems, so that they are “released”[1] from they burden.

I invite you today to listen to someone else’s problems, for a while.
I know you’ve got your own problems top solvem, and probably don’t have time for this stuff, but give it a try, you’ll feel a better person while doing it.

The day before yesterday, it ran like hell, and now I have the flu.
while it rained, and I headed home in my bike (yes, it a hell of a lot of workout, so try that too if you get the chance), I sang.

I just couln’t believe how happy I was, even tough I knew the consecuences of my actions,and I knew It would definately lead to a flu, which I am now “enjoying”[2], I sang my way home, under the rain. The streets were flooded, to the poing I was almost underwater[2], (ok, that might be an overstatement, the water “just” got to my ankle), but for some reason, I enjoyed it greatly, even when I was suposed to say “shit, i hate it when it rains, ARGH!, why did I buy this bike”, I didn’t, and I made out of a difficult situation A wonderful experience.

The ability to do that, is enough for me to call it a good day!

Is it in you?
[the comment form doesn’t bite]

[1] they aren’t but it feels that way, so it helps a lot.
[2] not really, but its fun to put it that way


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