What a Great Day

October 21, 2006

Meet-Up, meet down, meet in , and meet out.

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please forgive my english, for it is not my mother tougue.


Being ungrateful of the favors that I’ve recieved in the past,
I’ve managed to complain all day long, at last.
The Coke I drank was expensive,
twice as much as everywhere else,
the people were, however, friendly
some even had food to spare,
I know this doesn’t quite rime,
and I don’t give a dime.
I’m just thankful for all the thing in life, that’s all.


Being grateful of the food, that I ate yesterday,
I have come to realize, that every day is a Great Day.
and all the litle things, from the oxygen to the pay,
which we always take for granted, when we should really say:
thank you very much, to everyone we meet,
when they come from the slums, and the very eleet,
we should keep in mind, the way we always greet.

from: http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/2010-1035_11-6126932.html?tag=nl.e138

Harkening back to the ’60s again, Janis Joplin sang that “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” Perhaps our battle cry today should be that “freedom’s just another word for briefly losing our high-tech connection.”


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