What a Great Day

July 17, 2007


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Today is a great day
“thanks a million”
“verbal diarrhea”


December 14, 2006

Excelent day @ the office, finally killed the dragon

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and python was unnecessary.

December 11, 2006

Give Away Of the Day [Free [Licenced] Software]

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December 7, 2006


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NOTV r+d


December 6, 2006

What to look for

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Often, we look for the wrong things.
while on the quest to find the perfect couple, we often focus on apareance, and the looks, ignoring completely the mind, which should be the most important!, that is, if both minds are compatible.

So girls know this and they get dressed up, hoping to be chased for, and men chase pretty girls, dressed up or not.

It seems that people look for different things in a relationship, some men look for sex, while some women look for long term relationships.

Could I be absolutely wrong?


but perhaps stereotypes cloud my judgement more than i’d like.

I think we should look for mind compatibility, over sexual attraction. and look for bright minds instead of bright dresses.

shinning toughts instead of shinning lights, great ideas instead of great make-up.

and the most important:

Today is a Great Day.

November 24, 2006

Tdoday Is a great day

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Saying the previous statement totally convinced that it’s true.
often, we say stuff that we aren’t convinced of, sometimes we buy our own bullshit.
in this case, you have to believe, you have to be convinced, you have to buy, the idea of This being a great day.

to further comment on the Java GPL thing, I think that some distributrions will now include java in their core, (or at least in the package repository if for some reason it’s not already there), wich will make some new projects for the linux plattform to be written in Java.

Interesting things like ahead on the java road.

November 2, 2006

Cloud Painting

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o could go on all day, you get the point.

October 28, 2006

Excelent FTP server

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ACLogic Site
CesarFTP is an easy-to-use and fast to configure FTP server. ..

October 27, 2006

VIM tricks

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to put cwd in file:

:let @a=getcwd()

to put matches in file:

:g/something/y A

:vimgrep something **/*.php
look in all the php files, in all dirs and subdirs, for “something”, and go to the file (use :cn to move on to the next match, if any)

October 26, 2006


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There *IS* a version of Python 2.3 for the IBM as/400 v5r2, right here :

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